Jaroom X MINDAKAMI #shopwhiledonate

This October, we are honored to dedicate Jaroom's page to Mental Health Awareness Month. At Jaroom, we have always believed in the importance of educating and raising awareness on mental health issues. We wanted to be able to be a platform that goes beyond a clothing brand, but a community that comes together in creating a better living, physically and mentally. 

          This year, we chose kindness as a medium to tackle the stigmas around mental health issues. We named our campaign #YourKindnessIsComfort to recognize the importance of being kind to everyone, especially those who are struggling. When hard times hit, kindness can be the one simple (yet powerful) thing that brings comfort to many. 









To kick off our Kindness campaign, Jaroom is collaborating for the first time with a well known mental health NGO, Mindakami

Who is Mindakami?

  • A self-funded Malaysian Youth Mental Health Initiative that creates projects focused on making mental health better in Malaysia especially, for the youth.

What does Mindakami do?

  • Design creative, innovative and impactful projects aimed at raising awareness, educating the public, breaking barriers, and providing a safe platform for mental health discussions both online and offline. 
  • They specialized in creating projects focused on mental health issues in young people.

To learn more about Mindakami and their great initiatives, visit their page; https://mindakami.org 

For the whole month, 10% of profit from every purchase you made is donated to Mindakami. We are encouraging you to #shopwhiledonate ;)

Join us this whole month of October in celebrating, educating, acknowledging, and spreading mental health awareness. Keep an eye on our website and Instagram page for the exciting things we have lined up for you in the next few weeks! 

In the meantime - Be Kind, Always :)

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