Your Kindness Is Comfort

Your Kindness Is Comfort

#yourkindnessiscomfort is the first mental health awareness campaign by Jaroom. We are delighted to kick off this campaign as part of our mission in becoming a community brand that raises awareness on public matters. Mental health is something very close to our hearts, so we take this as a pride to be a part of many other organizations and brands that share their voices in creating a better wellbeing; physically and mentally. 

Our Kindness campaign is inspired by the illustration made by a local illustrator, Adelia (check out her IG @freakinsunshine). The bottom line of the campaign circles back to encouraging the act of kindness everywhere you go, especially when around those with mental illnesses.

We had a lot of fun shooting for the campaign, alongside the amazing and wonderful talents involvedSo many stories were told, hearts were touched, and above all, kindness were exchanged. 


Throughout this whole month, we have a series of exciting and educating sessions from different people of different backgrounds who are advocating for mental health and self love in their daily lives. You don't want to miss out on this!

Let's join us in celebrating, acknowledging, educating, and raising mental health awareness. Hop on our Kindness train today & enjoy the magnificent view of comfort and understanding being spread around! :) 

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